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Unique . SM.ART .  Nobility

Gown Paris

Noble . Artistic . Luxurious

Dress-Jewelry. The quintessence of composition - coherence, harmony and balance, combining utility and beauty.

Made of noble silk, very light, harmonizes freely with the movement of the body, the cut slightly emphasizes the figure, showing the essence of the beauty of femininity... sensuality and grace.

The supporting part of the dress is a necklace and a belt made of pearls, with a bag made of fur, finished with silk satin inside, hung on pearls and a bracelet.

Total Look:

(composition of the entire composition in photos)

1. Gown Paris 

2. Handbag Unique 

3. Bracelet Nobility

4. Earrings Nobility 

5. Stole


Composition: 100% silk

Personalization - tailor-made design:

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