Brand's philosophy and mission

Our creation philosophy:

SM.ART Wardrobe is a set of 44 pieces of clothing and accessories that create a stylistic whole.

SM.ART is a combination of 2 words:
CREATIVITY - we want to share with you our creative energy, which has enormously inspiring and transforming potential
Our Values:


S .pirit - expression, expressing the true SELF

M .ixure - composition and order

A .menabiity - multifunctionality and longevity (beyond trends)

R .esourcefulness - ingenuity and creativity

T .aste - style and personality, uniqueness


Functional assumptions of our projects:


1. 3 x K = Creativity. Composition. Comfort


2. EVENT . WORK . STREET - 1 dress = many occasions


3. Personalization - made to measure option




Unique . SM.ART . Nobility

Below we present selected proposals illustrating our philosophy of creating a total look - all clothes with accessories create a stylistically coherent image and can be freely configured.

All our designs are handmade, created in a beautiful creative flow of transforming energy... each design is creatively personalized

By entering our world of art and creation... you experience a beautiful transformation, feeling unique in the projects created for you and at ease in the flow of beautiful energy that inspires you..


- if you love beauty, quality and uniqueness

- if you dream of order in your wardrobe and style

- if you love traveling, exploring and changing places


then we are here for you to make it happen

... and create your SM.ART Wardrobe for you