Tailor-made products are not returnable in accordance with the Consumer Act. The product is sewn according to the customer's dimensions, after receiving the product, modifications to the design are possible.


The customer may exchange the product within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

The customer, with the consent of the seller, may exchange the product for another one, provided that he/she reports such a desire to the seller via e-mail: After receiving information about the possibility of exchange, please complete it and attach a card with a handwritten request for exchange along with the order number. and the account number for the refund.

Settlement in case of product replacement:

In the event of a product exchange, the payment for the product in the amount of the price will be included in the price of the newly ordered product, any difference in the Price will be paid by the customer or refunded by the seller accordingly by the same method as the payment was made or in another way after agreement with the seller.

The product should be sent to the following address: Absolut Dimension sp zoo Jasnodworska 3b/270 Warszawa

When reporting an exchange, the customer is asked to send the product along with the sales document (receipt, bill, invoice).