Where it all began


Throw it out

Throw everything away

And start 



 (Quote from the book by Anna Długołęcka "Poza granice ograniczeń")

The history of our brand goes back to the distant roots of our ancestors ... it began with the love of yarn threads and the creation of my great-great-grandmother Zofia on the part of my grandfather. My great-great-grandmother, absorbed by a wild, artistic passion for creating ... creative weaves, unique construction solutions implemented in the unique design of clothing, but also utility items such as blankets, bedspreads, carpets or jewelry boxes ... my great-grandmother inherited her talent and passion, and after her my mother - Anna Długołęcka, who brought this craftsmanship to art ...

"The Magic Flute" W.A.Mozart, Wrocław Opera, Poland - Directing, stage design, costumes - my mother Anna Długołęcka

The second axis of my story is my great-grandfather Adam, on the part of my grandmother - whose passion was carving and creating the constructions of airplanes models ... wardrobes or… shoes!

Shoes… hand-carved clogs that he made during World War II gave life to my beloved grandmother Danusia… because my great-grandfather fell in love with his client while trying on custom-made shoes…. My great-grandmother Stanisława, who was an absolute esthete in love with beautiful costumes and caring with a great sense of style - a woman


My great-grandfather Adam with my great-grandmother Stanisława

Its contents of the wardrobes and the attic were the space in which my mother lost herself during the holidays spent with her grandparents .. I especially remember the described by my mother, her grandmother's hand-painted silk dresses, jewelery and wonderful handbags!

And so many years later my mother introduced to the collection boots - made of hand-painted African batik, hand-sewn, on hand-made clogs!


Hand-made boots and a coat made of hand-painted batik - collection - 2008

And my great-grandfather's love for airplanes led my mother and me to the passion of flying ...

My mother on a mission in Tanzania, Africa 2005

... on airplanes, we feel at home and our best inspirations are born in them .. and this love of ours settled us in Africa where we lived for several years, giving rise to our brand

Absolut Dimension

This is where the first forms were created

Our unique vision


Which create identity

Soaked in the desires of the soul


My mother while designing the collection, Zimbabwe 2004

In Africa, where I left at the age of 4, I experienced the most wonderful moments that built my identity .. cosmopolitan openness, tolerance of views, cultures and religions, a person as an individual of genius in full interdependence with nature .. became our concept of being for which we created a brand

Me, in the African bush, Matobo Hills 2006

Me at Carmel Primary School, Bulawayo 2007

Me while doing what I love the most - running barefoot in the bush, 2006


SM.ART Wardrobe

The concept of designing and creating a coherent and individually personalized entire wardrobe for a client, taking into account her personality, lifestyle and remaining with her for years, maintaining an expression of recognition and respect in cooperation and reciprocity with the laws of nature and the universe

My mother, with her visionary scale and untamed creativity, also became an opera director - creating unforgettable opera productions .. 

hence our costumes

Scenic cut

Our client when she enters in our projects ..

Everyone is nice

The lights go out

And it begins.. the spectacle of life

Fashion show "Beyond Limits" during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of South Africa's independence, Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Poland, Mariott Warsaw 2004

Alexandra Długołęcka