Set No. 4

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be Unique . be SM.ART . be Nobility


When you are in your Power - everything you do becomes Power! And you can only be in Power when you are Free! Light! Uninhibited! By freeing your body so that it can feel comfortable... your body has all the receptors through which you receive stimuli... you communicate with your inner self... so that you can follow your intuition... your body needs to feel at ease! That's why our clothes are light. Soft . Comfortable… to keep your energy flowing! Because then you know... that business does itself! That's why we created: NEW BUSINESS LOOK - Comfortable. Creatively composed complete sets ready for immediate wearing! So you can get dressed and hit the road in 3 seconds! For your Goal. Effect . Plan!

Set No. 4:

Link to Cardigan: Maturite Cardigan

Link to Blouse : Kyoto Blouse

Link to the Skirt: Furansu Skirt


Discount when purchasing the entire set: PLN 100



1. Vika high heels

Composition: Satin fabric

Price: PLN 599


2. SM.ART Maturite bag

Composition: Karakul fabric + Viscose jacquard + Tourmaline minerals

Price: PLN 800

3. Unique strap

Composition: Italian velvet + pearl beads

Price: PLN 180


Custom option:

-  creating a project in a non-standard size (option: tailoring)

- different colors

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