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be Unique . be SM.ART . be Nobility

"Black & White" the point of harmony is established by extremes... development is constant expansion. exploring . lifting . testing as much as possible... we achieve mastery a fraction before exaggeration. fracture. tear The trick is to capture this point Cardigan 44 - hand-woven spiderweb... sensual and delicate, adding lightness to the silhouette. This is this point - harmony between extreme delicacy and lightness and fulfilling the basic function of covering the body..


Link to Cardigan: Maturite Cardigan

Link to T-shirt: Absolut T-shirt

Link to the Skirt: Furansu Skirt


Discount when purchasing the entire set: PLN 100



1. Abril high heels

Composition: patent leather

Price: PLN 599


2. SM.ART Maturite bag

Composition: Karakul fabric + Viscose jacquard + Tourmaline minerals

Price: PLN 800

3. Unique strap

Composition: Italian velvet + pearl beads

Price: PLN 180

Custom option:

-  creating a project in a non-standard size (option: tailoring)

- different colors

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