Monaco Cardigan

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be Unique . be SM.ART . be Nobility

Monaco Cardigan Absolut set

in lightness. freedom... you nobly penetrate into your world

filled with light


own . unique...


The Monaco Cardigan Absolut Set is a combination of the Monaco Dress and the Cardigan

The main design idea is to dedicate this set to the cooler summer time, when you wear a cardigan with the Monaco Dress to feel cozy while walking or going to a dinner or an event... the cardigan slightly covers your body, but leaves your sensuality capturing the imagination! You feel comfortable, slightly hidden... to express your femininity freely...

Holidays, travel, sightseeing, a walk on the beach, dinner, garden party, yacht, event... this set will be perfect anytime and anywhere.

1. Monaco dress - midi length, with a long slit at the back, artistically hand-made hems at the top and bottom of the dress with shiny pile yarn, elastic waistband tied with a belt.

Thanks to precise mathematical design, there are no stiff or disturbing elements in the structure (such as zippers or buttons), so it is very light, casual and noble.

Composition: 100% silk satin

2. Absolut Cardigan - artistically, intricately handmade cardigan, light and sensual, made of shiny yarn with pile, designed to create a compositional whole with other SM.ART Wardrobe elements

Composition: 100% polyester

The model is 170 cm tall and size 38

Custom option:

-  tailor-made design

-  change of construction solutions and/or finishing style

- design and production of accessories (handbag, jewelry)

- different colors