when I create ... the world's dancing

the Dimension existing ...



full of love




Unique. SM.ART. Nobility

Entering our world of art and creation ... you experience a beautiful transformation, feeling special and at ease in the designs created for you, being in the flow of beautiful energy that inspires you ..

All our projects are handmade, they are created in the creative flow of energy ... each project is a subject to creative personalization ...


- if you love beauty, quality and uniqueness
- if you need order in your style and wardrobe
- if you love to travel, get to know and be in different places


we are here for you to make it happen

... and create your SM.ART Wardrobe for you



SM.ART Wardrobe:

SM.ART Wardrobea is a set of 44 pieces of clothing and accessories that create a stylistic whole.

SM.ART is a combination of 2 words:




Highest vibration. Prelude. beyond emotion. out of thought. beyond conviction ...


Our Values:


S .pirit - expression, expressing the true Self

M .ixure - composition and order

A .menabiity - multifunctionality and universality

R .esourcefulness - ingenuity and creativity

T .aste - style and personality, uniqueness


Functional assumptions of our projects:


1.3 x C = Creativity. Composition. Comfort.


2. EVENT. WORK. STREET - 1 dress = many occasions


3. Personalization - made to measure option


sample ready SM.ART Wardrobe

each of the following elements can be freely combined to create many styles for different occasions, only changing e.g. shoes or accessories such as jewelry or handbags

color : white

fabrics: silk satin, velvet, fur fabric, pearls