Betrayal ... is there a Dress behind it?

Good morning,

today's topic would seem to have emerged unexpectedly .. because I was supposed to write about something else, but the truth is that this topic has matured for many years to write boldly about it. And here I dare :)

Why does it take courage? I risk possible indignation among the readers by touching the sensitive topic directly ..

The topic is old for centuries, thoroughly discussed .. but maybe too little specific and literal.

Betrayal . Being betrayed.

Each of us has experienced it. Not all know about it. But over the course of our lives we have experienced this phenomenon .. so how did we feel about it we know very well .. common point? The feeling of being inferior, rejected, turned into a better or a younger version .. but also our betrayals when we cheat and it does not always have to be sex. Sometimes a fascination is enough ... which engages emotions and creates a new reality.

Why is this happening?

We grew up on the basis of fairy tales and legends that, thrown into the subconscious and related to children's emotions, remained in us like a matrix ... and in them there is:

- they lived happily ever after united by eternal love

Now I'm going to make the cut because I'm not going to go into either psychoanalysis or statistics or questioning love.

I will confirm to eliminate possible errors in interpretation:

Love exists. Happy relationships too.

but a betrayal was created. a phenomenon that does not exist in the laws of nature, but was brought to life with the establishment of social principles .. a phenomenon that causes suffering, trauma and nightmares having the power to mentally ruin a person - everyone experiences them on their own scale. The fact that it should not be underestimated is evidenced by the suicides of people for whom it was the will to live.

Working with women, designing clothes for you, I listen to many stories, of course I also experienced mine myself ... I also listen to men, I also worked therapeutically with many ...

The nature of our humanity is beautiful and divine!

We have a sense of beauty inscribed in our gene of existence - Beauty is a set of feelings that we succumb to when we register the reaction of excitement, arousal, desire, life! It is Beauty that has the mighty power to fill us with life!

Beauty gives us energy and stimulates!

That's what men need women for, and that's what they are with us for! They are filled with the will to live! Then they want to fight, win and bring "hunted animals" (read: money) with a diamond necklace (read: gifts)

so why are they cheating?

when there is no Beauty

when a Woman has no energy in her

when the woman doesn't light them up

and it is not about men and meeting their needs

is an entry about making us aware of a woman - the basic principle that connects a man with a woman, why do we attract each other and create relationships

to keep the Fire of Life alive

Fascinations. Excitement. 

and the beginning of everything is ...
a DRESS :)

emanation of beautiful sensual energy ...

when you stop taking care of yourself or you have never taken care of yourself - you are beyond the source of your strength and vitality and as a result you do not attract men

Yes, I can already hear that you are a self-sufficient and fulfilled feminist - which still does not fill the essence - you need male energy that stabilizes and gives structure.

The whole paradox is that the more you take care of yourself (which we were not taught - because humility and modesty were at stake), the more you like yourself - the more attractive you are!

When was I betrayed? When I started my professional work, I forgot about myself as a woman. I started to wear myself artistically (you know, torn pants, hiking boots, safari style mixed with a traveling artist), I lived in the world of imagination, far from my body and my female needs, even though I thought that sex only tires me, I have to comb my hair longer and it takes time ... and it was a period in which I materially lost everything :) money fled from me ... (ok, I fell to be victim to a perfidious plan - which does not change the fact that everything was taken from me)

How is it today?

I look and feel divine! I love that energy of wonder with which lightness flows and which brings me abundance and gifts

I look around and see the frustrations of women, many of them openly say to me that they are jealous ... and I look at them and see myself from years ago:

- comfortable pants, flat shoes, hair tied in a ponytail, no make up

what is this fairy tale about?

about the scam :)

that the appearance does not decorate a person, that the soul and the mind are important

it is important so long

if a Woman doesn't pass by

neat and energizing (attention! and does not have to be slim)


then suddenly it turns out that the world works differently

because it works!

Beauty is the power that attracts! It was so. Is . And will be .

Make sure you look beautiful - and then the man will bring you everything you need :)

Yes, I know . This is a big simplification. But it's not the time for a book here :)

The principle at a glance. Intelligent will understand and implement. Others will mourn being betrayed, rejected, and mourn over the fate and war in Ukraine.

to be a Woman ... is a privilege
it is the power that attracts everything you need
take care to look beautiful
to spread beautiful energy
and the man will be glued to you and take care of your needs with pleasure and challenge
bah! even the windows will be cleaned :)
all they want is for you to sit next to them in a dress, with high heels and stockings on :)
you don't want so
You can always replace the bulb yourself, prove your point and fall asleep convincing yourself that it is great
Your choice!
I got tired of it. I changed my strategies. And I love how it works!
The more I take care of myself - the more I get desire and make my dreams come true!
Feel free to visit me personally. I will help you look like this ... so that you exude the power of attraction and sticking! :)
Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka