Work. Event. Street = SM.ART Wardrobe

Good morning,

Order . for this need, the concept of SM.ART Garderoby was created

Event. Work. Street = 1 for many occasions

The history goes back to my frequent trips to Thailand .. my 20 kg luggage was always too small ... and on the spot it turned out that I took not exactly what I needed .. and the eternal problem with what to combine and also that the shoes would match it and a handbag, so that the whole thing is not boring, but intriguing with class, in which I will feel at ease and feminine ... it seemed impossible to reconcile these threads, but this chaos and frequent relocations forced me to take up the topic properly!

The thought that I open the wardrobe .. and feel calm, I see order and everything hangs in matching compositions was my driving force!

This is how one of the needs of creating our brand was developed.

and with it the idea of ​​SM.ART Wardrobe - 44 elements of clothes and accessories that are coherently designed and fulfill the year-round need for clothing! Of course, it can be multiplied in different colors, which gives additional value - creative play in combining colors and textures - and always keeping the essence of the composition, because everything is designed exactly to your proportions!

What is Event. Work. Street ?

This is one of the main assumptions of SM.ART Wardrobe

You can wear each piece of clothing in 3 extremely different styles , you just need to change another element that can be combined with it, such as a blouse, sweater, shoes or jewelry

Today I present you this assumption on the example of Kogo Pants - made of light, freely fitting velvet with pleats at the front and back in a cut that gives you full freedom of movement, and at the same time you look very feminine and classy in them.

Below is an example of a combination of Pants with 3 different blouses and 3 different pairs of shoes for completely different occasions

Kogo pants with a Kogo top with an exposed back, decorative heels
you are ready for a night out!
EVENT version:


Kogo pants with Kogo T-shirt, classic shoes

you are ready to go!

WORK version:



Kogo pants with Kogo blouse, flat shoes

you are ready for a walk!

STREET version:


Remember that we make designs tailored to your figure, if you have a different figure - we will adapt the design to you by determining your ideal proportions. Often, therefore, the final designs that are for you will be different, the line of shifting the hips or shoulders, the length of the sleeves or the solutions of necklines, etc.,

If you are seeing our projects and you think that it is not for you because ...

and very well!

Because you are different, as unique as each of us!

There are no 2 people alike in the world!

That is why we are here and our offer of beautiful clothes tailored especially to you

Your wardrobe - arranged in clothes that fit you perfectly, they are always on time and you have peace of mind and you look beautiful ... a dream?

We do it!

Feel free to visit us personally, arrange a meeting and feel the atmosphere of peace in your wardrobe ..

Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka