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Good morning,

everything is a matter of relativity ... and although Einstein proved that the laws of physics are the same for all frames of reference - every body that is not subject to external interaction with other bodies remains intact (i.e. at rest or at rest), I noticed a large gap in this theory .. it may turn out to be the tangibly sought black hole, the existence of which it allows ..

namely, by supplementing the laws of physics with our perception system - everything changes when we change our interpretation .. it turns out that something constant getting a different reference - changes the whole context!

I associated running a house with something totally scary, boring and limiting. Housework, cooking, washing, cleaning were the synonymous of the house - so logically, I associated the house with something I don't like! As a consequence my subconscious was running away from ... having a house! :) by programming to be on the go non-stop! Many times I wondered why I cannot settle anywhere permanently, and people who buy a house and take a loan for several dozen years scared me ... because how is it possible that they can be convinced that they want to live in the same place for the next 30 years at least? ?

and found the answer!

in the theory of relativity! :)

the body is unchanging, it remains at rest when nothing else is influencing it ... and yet my "home" was influenced by my imagination! Shopping, cleaning, cooking .. but all of this together does not explain the actual reason for the house's displacement .. the actual one is that in order to perform these activities it is necessary to be properly dressed - and here the cataclysm happened! I was losing connection with Beauty ... because my subconscious did not allow cleaning in silks and high heels :)

The moment of my maturity came with the decision that I walk around the apartment in high heels and beautiful clothes and from this perspective I choose the activities I do ...!

Eureka! Suddenly it showed exactly why I do not like something or I feel reluctance to do something - wherever I cannot be in Beauty ...

How did I apply the theory of relativity?

The house remains motionless, the house remains motionless

What do I supplement the theory of relativity with? The power of reference!

Supposedly the laws of physics remain unchanged .. yet Everything changes! :)

This is our perception!

I do my makeup in the morning, put on clothes that make me feel beautiful and make a breakfast that my range of clothes allows!

You will not believe ... my breakfasts have become more refined (you have to sit nicely in a narrow skirt :) instead of cooking by yourself (which I don't like) I am delighted with how it is cooked for me, shopping is minimalist (you cannot carry bags of shopping in high heels :) which means that all products are completely used up (before I go shopping in high heels, I check carefully whether there is anything to do dinner. Someday I will make photo evidence for dishes I made because of high heels :)

My ideal home is a hotel :) you already know why ... but when I realize that the essence of my well-being is aesthetics and beauty, because it ignites and stimulates me ... in our clothes designs, absolutely necessary assumptions are met. :

- in our projects, you can freely and comfortably do any household activities!

remaining unchangingly Beautiful

Femme au Foyer ... the Lady of the House


Here are the links to the clothes proposed in the photos:

- Absolut Set (white):

- Kogo Set (burgundy):

The projects are designed so that they can be freely combined!

Having 2 skirts and 2 blouses - you get 4 different styles!





you know what you are wearing and the decision is made! Think ... how much time and frustration you just saved in the morning when you choose your clothes

Everything fits together with us! Why?

Because I solved this problem that irritated me all my life and I am solving it at the design level, thinking about the final effect - my entire wardrobe is like a puzzle, everything always goes together  and at any time! 

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ps. and what is Einstein's black hole?

it is such an area of ​​space-time that nothing can leave

that is, saying:

Your well-being that consumes all the mass of Beauty! :) whatever portion it is .. stays in you forever! :)


Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka