Stand in the Force ...

Good morning,

today I want to share with you another portion of knowledge about what true authentic femininity is ... this wonderful creative vibration that is a beginning without beginning, a constant power renewal that sustains life ... You, as a Woman, are completely immersed in her - you are her whole...

You are the source of life, and being completely immersed in it, you have an endless possibility of giving birth, creating ... and not only when it comes to children :) projects, work, development .. everything is an emanation of Your Power to be a Woman completely integrated in your femininity.

A lot has been written about it (but everything I share with you comes from my personal experiences and transformation processes) you probably know the topic, but I will add something from my area ..

to be in the fullness of your Power - that is, to manifest with yourself the creative potential of creating the life you want, is to be completely integrated with your body, emotions and consciousness - to be the so-called Awakened.

Explaining to the mind and logic what it is to be Awakened is virtually impossible to describe - it can only be experienced through the experience of experiencing. Only then the recognition is made. But do not worry ... lecture here and now I will not conduct, I just want to show you the essence of profit ...

What is it for, and what is the benefit of being Awake?

- It is a recognition of how and on what principles the laws of life operate

- Why is this happening in your life?


- what do you need this for?

so that you become a conscious creator of the life you want

You are life. You create life. You give life a flow.

In order for it to be fully manifested and for you to take full advantage of the power of this value, you need to recognize the laws that govern it ...

Today I will list 1 law:


which means that you are beyond judgment, beyond the fear of rejection, shame, non-acceptance

which is connected with being courageous in our time.

Yes . nowadays, you need courage to implement this law.

What is the natural environment for our soul - it is no longer natural for our mind and body, because social procedures have created a series of mechanisms of manipulation and creation of beliefs that make it impossible to be in this authenticity and hence today a huge challenge is to achieve complete self-acceptance and free self-expression. .

And these are the conditions needed to stand in your Power and consciously create your life in lightness, joy and abundance ...

what does it really mean, what am I writing about?

I want you to know that

any effort to accept yourself and allow yourself to express yourself as you feel pays enormous returns

this profit is:

awakening awareness that guides you to make the best and most effective choices - and these lead you to improve the quality of life. Joy. Fulfillment. Love .

I make dresses. it would seem that they are pieces of fabrics or yarns sewn together ...

The truth, however, is that each of them is created in the flow of energy, recognition of the energy structure, recordings of thought-shapes that I physically see and feel when I create ... I see the client's beliefs, her fears, I have contact with her morphic field, aura. In the creative process, the vibration of light penetrates and polarizes, transforms whatever it encounters on its way - it changes the field.

It's like entering the water dirty - water washes you from dirt, and in the creative process - the light of creation dissolves what is unnatural, i.e. blocked emotions arising from your experiences ...

... when these blockages are released, the energy begins to flow and YOU are in a revitalizing state, you feel that you have energy and want to do something ... new ideas, new forces and drive for action comes ...

In the creative process, when I am immersed in concentration, I am aware of all knowledge, then I can see where they are and what blockages have arisen from, which obstruct the flow of energy and your access to Your Power.

When you put on such a dress made for you , in the creative process ... you feel lighter, freer, you feel more love for yourself, you take care of yourself, and the dress is like your second skin ... you become aware of your limitations ... you recognize them and get rid of them.


Absolut dress made of natural silk with Ana Maturite top

Absolut dress made of natural silk with Ana Maturite top



because you are closer to your authenticity - your being which in the process lost a portion of blocked emotions, beliefs or fears that separated you from the flow of energy from your source.

Suddenly you become bolder, aware of what is yours, you put limits on what is yours or what is not. You recognize your truth and your Power becomes aware of it ... because you begin to feel it ... the force that flows from you - the only right place where the Force lives.

This power flowing from the source of you is divine power giving you all the drive you need ... you live your life. creating life. being life!

Visit me . I invite you for a coffee and we'll talk ... you will feel the energy that brings the surge of life back.

You will feel yourself in yourself and allow yourself to express yourself ... of this divine element of life!


Be always and everywhere. stand up and show your authenticity ... by looking at what limits you to express it ...

Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka