SM.ART Wardrobe - Order. Coherence. Beauty.


Good morning,

when i open my wardrobe in the morning ...

I take out beautiful clothes in which I feel great, they fit me, my body feels wonderful and at ease in them, and at the same time I feel beautiful in them ... then I start to be filled with confidence, courage and enthusiasm!

I'm starting to want to! I'm starting to feel excited about the new day!

How we feel about ourselves, how we perceive ourselves, our appearance is crucial in sending information to our control center - the nervous system that stimulates the right responses!

Positive thought - brings joy - joy, right after perfection it has the highest energetic vibration, higher than love!

Being in a state of joy, we have the ability to attract everything we truly need to our lives, this is how magnetism works - the law of attraction.

So taking care of our feeling and maintaining joy will make our day flow lightly and freely, because this vibration will attract the best solutions for us!

We will only achieve joy when we feel good with ourselves, when our subconscious is convinced of it!

Travel is an integral part of my life! It brings new energy, always inspire ... even driving a few kilometers in a car gives me an inner release and fills me with a new creative energy. I feel great on the way ... by plane, by car. New places, but also those already known and liked to which I return fill me with vivacity.

Walks too! Walking ... an hour of walking in the city, forest ... anywhere! It releases old emotions from the body, clears the mind and creates space for new energy!

And above all, dance!

when i dance ... i live! Music is an absolute part of my life.

All of this is underlined by celebration.

I celebrate every moment (I'm still learning to make every moment) by making it as beautiful as possible. I am amazed and I see Beauty in everything.

Beauty holds my world together . It's my air ... without it, I wouldn't have lived another day. It produces in me the meaning of life, I strive to feel it and remain in it non-stop, because I discovered that this Beauty fills me with gratitude that I live and experience miracles. I experience Life.

Exactly from these assumptions ...

I have created the tool of Order. Coherence. Beautiful .

Realizing very consciously that it is me and only me who is responsible for what I am and how I feel about it - and how I feel influences what my life is like.

And this is how SM.ART Wardrobe was created - a set of 44 pieces of clothes and accessories that meet all-year-round needs, stylistically consistent, that can be creatively composed with each other, which can be packed into a suitcase and quickly set off!

Have a business meeting. Take a walk. Eat a beautiful dinner. Go dancing. Experience some art.

And in each of these activities ... feel at ease, confident and with yourself!


 Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka