Order inspires ... saves time and gives you peace of mind

Good morning,

It took me many years to refine solutions that bring great relief in everyday functioning .. our very difficult issue is .. excess. chaos and mess ..

Collecting is a tendency to substitute for the sense of security, and because each of us has experienced smaller or larger experiences that violated this sense ... we react - by collecting!

Objects are collected around ... at home, in a purse ... food is stored in the fridges and an excess of fat in the body is stored ...

On the contrary - increasing accumulation deepens the feeling of anxiety (because dealing with excess requires more and more energy and involvement, for example, in cleaning, financial losses such as throwing out spoiled food or things purchased to "recover". This thread can be developed for a long time ... you will probably manage with this perfectly translating into my individual life situation ... my goal is only to make you aware of where it

The antidote to accumulating and being overwhelmed by a lack of energy is order!

Take a look at this photo:

Do you feel peace, relief and joy?

This is how your body reacts to lightness and flow ... freely and joyfully and you want something right away! A space for enthusiasm is being created!

This is how energy works!

Released congestion - releases the flow

Probably your next feeling when looking at this photo is the feeling of emptiness and you would like to hide behind something or add a little to this wardrobe to feel ... safer :)

Nothing of that!

Stay for a while in this purity of space, you can feel NAKED :) like an open book .. and try to empathize with yourself now ... what are you really afraid of? Write these thoughts preferably on a piece of paper .. let everything flow to paper, do not judge ..

Read on.

Read it again.

Now go to your wardrobe and throw away everything you haven't worn in 2 years. Give thanks and goodbye.

Sit down and think about your lifestyle .. see yourself how you look, how you work, how you relax, how you travel .. feel your body what it feels good in and what makes it hard ...

Go to your wardrobe and throw away what your body rejects as uncomfortable, disturbing, embarrassing ..

Give thanks and goodbye.

Now feel how you would like to be dressed, what to wear .. in what colors?

Choose 3 colors

Go to your wardrobe and choose clothes in these colors.

Look what is hanging in the wardrobe now and what is thrown away

What are the proportions?

Don't stress, there may be more colors in the wardrobe .. but you have to start with 3 and become aware of your favorite ones :)


For a 4-day trip to Athens, I chose:

1. LA Reine dress

A. for a walk and sightseeing in combination with Absolut Cardigan, Absolut Fur , Black Maturite Bag and flat shoes

B. for dinner and an event in combination with Top Ana Reine, Absolut Fur , Reine handbag and high heels

Report from the 2nd day in Athens:
tour of the Acropolis - LA Reine Dress with Absolut Cardigan
for breakfast at the hotel - Dress LA Reine with Kardigan Absolut
walk around Athens - LA Reine Dress with Absolut Fur


Next Thursday I will write about other styles used in the next days of my stay in Athens. You will see how much you can conjure up from 9 elements of clothes!



Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka