New Business Look

Creativity. Courage . Sense

Money energy - this is feminine energy! It flows abundantly when you are in your authentic self! What is its essence?


this is our feminine essence - creation!

We create our own abundance... when we are CREATIVE - and when we are creative? When all our senses are aroused... when we feel free... when we accept ourselves... then the energy flows! It penetrates us... and we physicalize it with our thoughts - we materialize it! You give energy a physical form that the eyes can see! This means you create a tangible effect!

The beginning is within us!

in our FREEDOM
In our brand, we have created an entire design system that we call
SM.ART Wardrobe
it's a concept that helps you
Inspiringly combine clothes and always feel special!
Today we present 4 advantages of our SM.ART concept:
1. We turned a stiff men's jacket into a creative,
casual and light women 's cardigan - it allows your body to feel free!
And this is a condition for the energy to flow... and for you to feel its inspiring, stimulating effect in the form of new ideas... solutions...
2. We replaced the "business" stiff suit skirt with lining, zipper and pleats - with a light, pleasant to the touch, velvet skirt , which, thanks to its fleshiness and elasticity, naturally fits to the figure... without zippers and buttons! Thanks to this, you can compose it without any restrictions with other parts of your wardrobe!
See more.. link to order -Furansu Skirt
3. Pulli - this is our brilliant solution that turns a boring and restrictive jacket into an eye-catching, intriguing and sensual pullover!
Freedom of movement! Your unrestrained body boldly expresses what your intuition tells you! You flow with ideas in your flow... and yet you already know that the best solutions come intuitively! Give them a chance to shine... by dressing casual Puli!
Why is it brilliant?
- because it changes its appearance every time you put a different color top under it!
more about Pulli... link to order: Pulli Reine
4. We replaced the stiff and boring business set of jacket + shirt
casual . light . sensual duo of T-shirt + cardigan
Absolut T-shirt
Look at this T-shirt... silk satin is the highest quality, subtle fleshiness, shiny with nobility... lightness. freedom . sensuality. The perfect base for a hand-woven cardigan!
Together they form a complementary duo!
Our Yin Yang = T-shirt + Cardigan
One highlights the advantages of the other while remaining self-sufficient!
Free and light... unrestrained by anything! Your business flows and develops freely when you are free... and flow! Lightly following your flow, whose name is INTUITION
give it space to exist, reach for it
Freedom. Lightness. Sensuality
Cardigan + Absolut T-shirt + Furansu Skirt
Be a Woman in the flow of POWER!