D'OR 52 Dress

Light . Casual . Sensual

It dances in harmony with the movement of the body... creating a cooling wind... a long grounding connecting with the energy of the earth... its free draping gives space to the skin to breathe freely...

Silk is the No. 1 fabric from which we create our designs, here in a satin version - dignified and shiny. This noble quality of the fabric, complemented by the appropriate cut and draping, gives the body the incredible pleasure of feeling delicacy... lightness and freedom.

Suspended on detachable straps made of Swarovski crystals... which, with their iridescent shine, become creative jewelry.

Once, during meditation, I saw myself after birth... and I felt my anger! ATTENTION! Anger at the hat with a stiff brim and the lace frills that were biting my neck... that's when I decided to give humanity beautiful and COMFORTABLE clothes! :)

And here they are!
Dresses that create an identity!

Unique... each is made by matching the model to your figure, it can also be in other colors.

A dress in which you can do absolutely everything!