Absolute Femininity ... when you let yourself be loved

Good morning,

today I am writing quite late .. the day was very intense with another portion of challenges to realize ... it started with a dream in which I realized how ashamed I am of my sexuality! It surprised me enormously ... I was convinced that in this field everything is as good as possible .. so it turned out that I am not yet dormant by the depth .. suppressed by shame! And now attention:

- a shame that I like my sexuality and need to express it! I realized the belief behind it ... that I cannot show my needs, because I will be considered an "unused woman of easy morals" :)) it was inside me in some dark expanses of the subbranch, I guess, because it was impossible for my brain to be for this place!

And yet!

What's so surprising about it?

- such a conviction had taken root in me

- that I was totally unaware that there is something else within me in this field that separates me from the spectrum of possibilities to fully express my sensitivity and emotionality ... that is, that you can immerse yourself in feeling even more!

Why is it so important that I am writing about it sharing with you?

It turns out (despite the many levels of initiation I have already achieved) that there are still areas of even deeper possibilities in a person, and what seemed to be the peak, in a moment (almost) turns out to be just some level, after which there are further ... deeper or as you prefer wider possibilities.

What was the value of my discovery?

Releasing shame before accepting and explicitly expressing needs:

I have met with an enthusiastic acceptance of this state by my partner (he is French and I think now that my choice is subconsciously justified :) my next belief is that the French are great lovers (I confirm)

that is:

- I was not rated as "easy going nymphomaniac" :)

- I stood in great spiritual joy, each of my cells felt relief and in lightness!

And now the conclusion:

I could write that I am terrified that as beings made to love and being loved ... such massacre, pro-church and social beliefs can do such harm! yes hurt! so Powerfully!

The difference of my well-being from today and yesterday is colossal!

and in fact it is contained in a ridiculously small thing .. which I did not buy, did not get, did not receive ... it just realized!

What do I want to convey to you?

that if you feel any burden in your life, it means that there are some fatal beliefs behind it ... because the soul is essentially the essence of lightness, joy and fulfillment!

Write down what you feel the weight in - and see what you really think about it, feel into your body, the places that will hurt will speak, focus your attention there ... until you realize (or dream) what this burden is doing, well there is a "golden" thought behind it :) and as soon as you discover it ... chase it immediately!

And remember!

Sexuality is a flow channel, this is how you release your life-giving energy .. allow yourself to do it .. anyway you want!

I love to express my need for sensuality and feeling through clothes ... that's why my designs are very feminine, light and sensual ... so that the body can feel perfectly in them ... then the voice of the soul is released.

The soul needs an open body

Love your body

Love them as they are

and let yourself be convinced that then it will open up and release your Soul to Freedom ...

what for?

you will see..

trust me

and you will always be grateful to me ...

Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka