How to travel light. comfortably . feminine ...

Good morning,

the only thing that is certain is change ... continuous and incessant ... we call it development.

There is no phenomenon of consistency in the universe because everything that creates life is a constant movement .. there are forces of mutual influence behind it :)

LIFE . Experiencing and a never-ending journey ...

When I am traveling, I physically feel agitated, I start to want and something that was overwhelming just a moment earlier ... disappears!

Why? Because when I travel, I change space, I enter new energies and new forces of influence, and these cause my old perception to transform and crumble ...

Something that seemed to be a problem a moment ago gets a new look, a new perspective ... because he gets New Energy!

When I always come back from travels,  ... I discover a new piece of myself and my possibilities, which became active when I came into contact with the new one!

The only thing that was difficult for me was .. packing! Because the most important thing in travel is ... mobility :)

Travels are an inseparable part of my life from birth, it is a lifestyle taken from home, which also naturally became my daughter's lifestyle, which, contrary to some opinions - I took to a distant business meeting at the age of .. 3 weeks, nothing happened to her! :) on the contrary, the acceptance built in her, tolerance created a Citizen of the World.

Coming back to mobility, my awareness of what I love and what I choose, what and where I feel good ... I developed initially for my needs, then improving the lives of other women - the SM.ART Wardrobe Concept.

The system of designing clothes and accessories that are stylistically consistent with each other, blend in perfectly with each other, in which the body feels comfortable and light, in which you feel beautiful and attractive,

your tidy wardrobe - and light luggage on the go!

When the basis for creation is your personal style, and not the current trends, when clothes and accessories bring out your strengths!

Then you feel your Power. Value . You know what you want.

when you feel great about yourself!


Here are the outfits that I took with me to France to Cote d'Azur:

4-day trip (February 2022), my luggage included:
- 1 body
- 1 skirt
- 1 blouse
- 1 sweater
- 2 dresses
- 1 pair of shoes
- 1 fur
all packed in 1 hand luggage-sized bag that fits in the hold on board the plane - no need to check in extra baggage!
3 colors - it's the optimization of the composition and lightness of the luggage - matching underwear and shoes - when you do not have to take many pairs ... (more about the importance of the composition soon)
Here is my fulfilled return straight from the airport
a trip from Marseille with a transfer in Amsterdam to Warsaw!
My fulfilled return straight from the airport!
this is what the outfits looked like:
French Riviera
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How to find the above clothes in our store?
just go to the store on our website, you will find products by the names:
- Reine Milano dress (red)
- Maturite dress (black)
- Reine set (red skirt and blouse)
- Body Maturite (black)
- Absolut fur
- Unique purse
since the creation of the SM.ART Wardrobe concept
I love traveling even more!
Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka