Navy - the color of the mission

Good morning,

my trip last week was to Belgium ... I haven't been there in 20 years!

Knowing that every journey in the physical world is an internal journey .. (what we experience while traveling in the external world is the materialization of the processes that take place within ourselves ...) - I consciously face the next challenge!

I have already learned to be totally open and accept things as they present themselves - while observing my thoughts and ideas - which are deconstructed ... in confrontation with what a given situation brings at a given moment .. :)

This openness in observation allows us to read a wider perspective of events and explains their causality .. looking at reality, we read our interior, our soul that speaks to us ... and because the soul does not verbalize words aloud because there is no such possibility :) uses the language of images and becoming aware - precisely through the events that happen ... they are the mirror of our interior.

This discrepancy between our plan, which we have created in our head, and what actually happens - is just proof of how we run away from the existing truth ...

And every time I go on a journey, I know that I am entering the next stage of my inner path of awareness ... that in a moment, events, people, circumstances will speak to me ... and I have to set myself up to receive them completely by accepting them, joy and total immersion in what will be given to me ...

I took my SM.ART Wardrobe for a journey - thoughtful sets of clothes in which I can experience my body in full freedom .. and the experience takes place through a reaction in the body .. and it is a necessary condition for it to feel good! Freely! And of course Beautiful - feeling beautiful guarantees the flow of energy, excitement and stimulation!

You probably know perfectly well that when you are wearing clothes in which you feel at ease and beautiful - you are confident and victorious! As soon as you believe there is doubt or any kind of tearing of your clothes on the body - you feel tense and lose your power / faith / nerve. Why is this happening?

We communicate with the whole body . We perceive reality with our whole body - that's why it must feel free so that it can read and speak without interruption :)

What i took to Belgium

Navy - Maroon - White

Navy is a vibration of the energy of the 3rd eye, it is the area of ​​transcendence, illusion, vision, fears related to beliefs - the so-called programming...

And here is my trial readiness .. showed me that it is time to take responsibility!

It was my powerful fear ... I was escaping into being a child despite my 50s :)

Displacing the voice of my soul ... which has just arrived at its port ...


strengthens and harmonizes the release of programmed beliefs that block the voice of your soul ...

And only your soul knows what is right for you

Put on the navy and set off on a journey to your port ...


ps. The journey took me to the NATO headquarters in Mons, Belgium :)

because navy is the color of the mission .. :)


Ame - the soul. when it hits the target



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Anna Długołęcka