how Energy creates clothes ...

Vibration. it is responsible for the quality of the energy ... what is the highest?


Being in Joy, I show the greatest Power! It carries me above ... and things become themselves ... this is the eternal law of the universe! To be in Joy that brings Gratitude with it like a Siamese twin interdependence ...

One exists because of the second, the other grows because of the first!

When I start creating a new project ... it's always preceded by excitement! I'm excited! In total joy!

So physically excited! Because the creative energy that begins to flow and ask for materialization is exactly the same energy as sexual energy ... :) begetting children from the point of materializing energy is exactly the same as breeding projects ..

The act itself takes a long time ... like a literal pregnancy. I walk with it, I feel what it brings, what it reveals, what emotions create it, what makes it aware ... in the process there is always an act of transformation. It is the physical breaking of the Light through the darkness of the mind .. :) 

There are always revelations after begetting!

Clarity of mind, understanding of things, seeing wider ... deeper ... higher ... further ...

After the creation, I look at myself in delight and smile when the narrow perceptions so far fall ... this is the meaning!


Experiencing infinity ... when the next Creative Act proves how the ceiling suddenly roses and something that was beyond the reach of the unknown - here comes and shows a wider perspective ...

Then I sit down and look at what I have created with a distance ... because I know that what I have created is Absolutely New ... cleaner. fuller. composed ...

And this JOY that is omnipresent in the project brings us to the next ...

It matters what you wear

What do you surround yourself with

What it is made of ...

because this quality of energy feeds your field

it is important to be energized with energy that strengthens you!

That is why our projects have Names - each of them was created and comes into being in a deep process of transformation ... when the darkness of the finite distracts the Light of the potency and releases a specific blockage!

Then Pure Power appears ... energy carrying Inspiration!


Every Thursday!
Anna Długołęcka