Attractiveness - The Power of Attraction

Good morning,

Desire is such a component of our being that it drives the entire development of mankind ... by design it will never be saturated!

Development ... is the genius of the essence of things, consequences, evolution ... when through improvement we discover what Absolutely Amazing Creative Power we are!

This fascinating and exciting integration with your creative consciousness carries a powerful life-giving energy! Because life is movement! The incessant movement of energies, subtle, invisible flow of atoms that are linked by desire - a force that gives them direction and image by drawing them to you. When the power of desire pulls the atoms together, it materializes.

This is how realization is made. This is how the development takes place ...

This power of desire - has a built-in magnetism ... one engages the other, they live because of each other. Constantly arousing, the desire and its strength - the magnetism that makes the fulfillment of desire come true.

Dualism - one of the laws of the universe. Which is properly understood that the WHOLE is one with its opposite. Eternal Interaction.

Desire - Magnetism

Need and Satisfaction

How does this relate to dresses?

In the physical plane of our eye of seeing existence .. magnetism, the force that materializes the satisfaction of desire is Attractiveness!

When a Woman feels Attractive, she gives off Magnetism ... the power of attraction to Everything that meets her desires. This amazing center of action is located in the II chakra in the vicinity of the genitals - it is nothing but our sexuality! Full acceptance of the Feminine, free flow of creative female energy ... defined by the word Beauty.

Why does something seem Beautiful to us and something else not?

the amount of creative energy which the object is soaked with is responsible for this classification ...

the more creatively involved ... the more perfect the more beautiful!

The more perfect the simpler and more coherent ... and then it knocks out its Power! Beauty!

It is a privilege to be a Woman!

The Creative Power of the female energy when it stands in full Acceptance releases Magnetism - a Power that fulfills every Desire.

What's the conclusion?

Beloved Women - Full Acceptance of Your Femininity is expressed in Attractiveness .. focusing on being and feeling Attractive - releases the Force!

And desires are self-satisfied ... just express them!

Our Life is the Forces that control it, giving them the right vector - they attract and materialize ...

Attractiveness is Art:

- Composition, i.e. the correct proportions of form, colors and textures

- Impressions or Forces of Magnetism - Desires!

we are running after it!

because it is the Power of Life!




Allow Yourself to Be Attractive ... and develop Mastery in it! and Desires will be satisfied ...


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Anna Długołęcka