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Your silhouette . Your personality . Your lifestyle  – are UNIQUE

and so it should be your wardrobe – UNIQUE


We design and manufacture the whole set of your wardrobe that meets your needs.



These are timeless projects of high-quality modern solutions, refind and intriguing.

The concept of SM.ART wardrobe is a set of 33 pieces of garments that completely meet your all-season needs.

Smartly designed . Compatibility with each other .



SM.ART wardrobe is the comfort of great wellbeing, consistent image & time savings!



Welcome to Your Absolut World*

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  • order our designs which will fulfill your expectations

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info@absolutdimension.com Telefon: 530 88 66 99

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Anna Długołęcka

  • CEO of Absolut Dimension
  • Artist
  • Fashion Designer




Alexandra Długołęcka

  • Creative director Absolut Dimension
  • Fashion Designer
  • Stylist